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Our vision

The beauty of tomorrow starts today

Much more than a simple beauty brand, Ad CAELIA is an invitation to live in beauty.

Ad CAELIA's mission is to offer modern beauty elixirs, always aiming for excellence, respect for health and the environment. , whose effectiveness is measured by concrete results, the basis of a relationship of absolute trust regarding the composition of its products.

Our story

Ad CAELIA was born out of a passion for well-being as much as a calling to create the benchmark brand that women dream of.

A brand as effective as it is transparent, and above all, authentic. A brand that conveys the desire for a better life and self-care.

A true holistic inside/out brand.

Ad CAELIA is the story of a woman, a mother, and a wife... but also a passionate entrepreneur who loves her profession! Claire Andréewitch is of Swedish origin but has been living and working in Paris since 2006. Passionate about well-being and beauty from a young age, she decided to train as a naturopath, specializing in skin health.

"I have strong memories, moments of experimentation in front of the bathroom mirror at my parents' house; I must have tried every cream and possible skincare, as well as natural remedies like honey on the face as a beauty mask."

Claire explores the world of holistic health and beauty, always inspired by nature as the primary source of genuine care but with the firm belief that science is a powerful ally in optimizing skin health.

"Not everything in nature is beneficial for us, nor is everything made by humans... But when we combine the best of both worlds, we get what I call modern elixirs!"

Before launching her brand, Claire wrote several books on holistic health and beauty. Her book "Reveal Your Glow" released in 2019 by Marabout Editions, is the first "bible" of inside & out beauty in France.

After years of assisting thousands of women and contributing to the formulation of certain products and the development of holistic beauty protocols for several recognized beauty brands, it was only natural for her to create the beauty brand of her dreams.

"I have always been very demanding when it comes to the products I apply to myself and recommend, and I have long dreamt of my own universe of holistic products, meeting my expectations and those of modern women's skin."

Ad CAELIA was born out of a passion for well-being as much as a vocation to create the benchmark brand that women dream of... A brand as effective as it is transparent and, above all, authentic. A brand that conveys the desire for a better life and self-care! A true holistic inside/out brand.

Ad CAELIA, Latin loc. meaning literally "towards the heavens" or "reaching towards," through these words, Claire wanted to embody the idea of an excellence horizon that is at the heart of the modern vision of beauty she defends and that Ad CAELIA represents. It is also an opportunity for her to pay tribute to the great loves of her life.

"This brand will thus be carried by all the most beautiful things in life, with a nod to my dear father who always encouraged me to include more Latin in my life."

Latin loc. meaning literally "towards the heavens" or "reaching towards.

Through these words, Claire wanted to embody the idea of an excellence horizon that is at the heart of the modern vision of beauty she defends and that Ad CAELIA represents. It is also an opportunity for her to pay tribute to the great loves of her life.

"This brand will thus be carried by all the most beautiful things in life, with a nod to my dear father who always encouraged me to include more Latin in my life."


Ad CAELIA is a high-end holistic beauty brand, supported by science, the exceptional union of purity, Scandinavian excellence, and French refinement.

Ad CAELIA is a vision of 'result-driven' skincare, always in the utmost respect for the skin and the environment, with precise specifications:

    Working in synergy with patented complexes.
    Serving 'Beautifully-aging' to effectively care for and treat signs of aging, as well as act preventively against premature aging.
    Always rated 'Excellent' on Yuka.

A truly holistic vision that conveys beauty as an art of living inside & out.



Regardless of her age, a woman wishes to remain beautiful and have the most radiant skin possible while preserving her natural beauty. Wanting to prevent the natural aging of the skin is an unattainable promise. No surgical procedure, no cream, regardless of its composition, can fulfill such a mission because it would defy the laws of Nature.

However, it is possible to consider a respectful approach and effective care to accompany all skin types towards greater vitality, offering them more radiance for enhanced overall beauty.

This is the commitment of Ad CAELIA: to convey a way of nurturing one's beauty from within, encouraging women to feel beautiful, regardless of their age, through a compassionate approach that honors the signs of life that constitute the beauty of women.

Beauty is not a standard.

It is reflected in the radiance that emanates from optimal health and physical and psychological well-being.



Beautifully-aging manifesto

Learn everyday
Laugh often
Give and receive love
Conncect to nature
Honor who you are
Be kind to your body
Make love more
Find meaning everyday
Work on your inner peace
Take care of your skin with respectful ingredients
Practice gratitude

Multi-sensory rituals

At Ad CAELIA, we cherish inside/out beauty rituals and holistic well-being as a true act of self-care in daily life.

We firmly believe that skincare involves an intimate relationship with oneself, in both flesh and spirit. It's a pure moment of beauty, intimacy, and sensory experience.

Therefore, beyond the cosmetic aspect, each application takes on a symbolic dimension and encourages positive reflection that accompanies everyone through their personal beauty ritual. A multi-sensory experience that plays with texture, fragrance, and the evocative power of words, contributing to the holistic care process of the body and mind.

Inspired by Claire's childhood memories of a "natural" approach, Ad CAELIA's promise is to offer highly sensory beauty routines rooted in pleasure, infused with the Scandinavian way of life: savoring a moment of calm for oneself while enjoying an olfactory journey that feels like an invitation to escape near a Swedish lake, for a moment of serenity and enveloping purity, the ultimate luxury in our modern societies.

The Power of Words

Each Ad CAELIA product carries a first name that is "explanatory" and a second name that is more "energetic" and poetic.

Deeply convinced that words are not neutral and that their meaning has a strong impact on our mind, our mood, and ultimately, on the health of our cells, Claire has wished to pay special attention to the names of each of the products that will make up the Ad CAELIA Skincare range, for a vision of beauty that is resolutely holistic.

Beyond the cosmetic aspect, each application should have an energetic dimension and encourage positive reflection that accompanies you through this ritual gesture.

The Ad CAELIA ritual should inspire.

Our Ingredients

Ad CAELIA is committed to a path of quality and excellence, with the cleanest possible formulations that respect both the skin and the planet.

In a modern lifestyle, where poor diet, stress, lack of sleep, sedentary habits, pollution, and various endocrine disruptors prevail, our skin is increasingly sensitized and marked.

The skin appears dull, with more blemishes and redness, and fine lines and wrinkles are becoming more prevalent. Overall, the skin is less supple, and the complexion less radiant.

That's why Ad CAELIA carefully selects the best active ingredients from nature and science—those that soothe, rebalance, heal, strengthen, and beautify the skin.

Ad CAELIA eliminates controversial ingredients from our formulations, such as endocrine disruptors, certain preservatives or allergens, essential oils, and other synthetic fragrances.

Ad CAELIA also chooses cutting-edge actives like niacinamide and glycolic acid, which may not meet the requirements of organic certification but remain highly effective and non-harmful to both the skin and the planet.

We believe in an 'intelligent' approach that combines the best of nature and science. It's a stance without dogma and with an absolute commitment to moving forward with the latest scientific research, alongside our own clinical tests.

To ensure the effectiveness of the active ingredients in our formulas, we incorporate them at scientifically recommended concentrations.

All our formulas are:

  • Rated 'Excellent' on Yuka
  • 94.9-99% of natural origin
  • Free from synthetic fragrances and essential oils
  • Vegan
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Clinically tested
  • Tested on sensitive skin

Our star actives

Our Swedish roots anchor our desire for purity and aesthetics, while our French touch adds a sensory dimension, a sense of luxury, and refinement.

This unique combination challenges the classical codes of skincare by offering an innovative and efficient alternative, better for both your skin and the planet.

Scandinavian Berries

  • Such as black crowberry, sea buckthorn, wild rosehip, and Arctic blackberry...
  • These superfruits are among the world's most antioxidant-rich natural ingredients.

Northern berries have to withstand extreme climatic conditions and have developed intrinsic qualities of resilience to survive the harsh cold of these latitudes, which explains their exceptional content of vitamins and minerals (especially vitamins A, C, and E, as well as polyphenols and anthocyanins), enabling them to cope with this climatic stress.

Rich in these nutrients, Scandinavian berries actively combat free radicals, thus positively influencing the slowdown of cellular aging.

Patented Actives

Because at Ad CAELIA, we are committed to offering you the very best, we have chosen to incorporate patented and scientifically proven actives into our formulations. This ensures that you receive high-quality skincare whose effectiveness has been demonstrated in laboratory studies. You can measure the efficacy of our products every day.

We are currently continuing our research to develop our own actives, aiming to make the Ad CAELIA experience a truly unique beauty moment.

We care

Deeply convinced that skin beauty begins with the health of the body and our inner balance, Ad CAELIA is dedicated to offering excellent skincare that respects the skin, health, and the planet.

Our commitments:

  • An eco-friendly approach:
    · Glass bottles and jars
    · Recyclable tubes (COSMOS ECOCERT certified)
    · Leaflets made from FSC-certified eco-managed forests, printed with vegetable ink
    · Reduction of over-packaging (no cellophane or inner cartons)
  • A choice of ingredients that respect skin health and the planet (no pollutants, petrochemical ingredients, endocrine disruptors, allergens).
  • At Ad CAELIA, animal welfare is a cause dear to our hearts, which is why none of our products are tested on animals.
  • Ad CAELIA is committed to WWF France and donates 1% of its annual turnover to the association.

The annual Ad CARE event, by Ad CAELIA, is organized for the benefit of the WWF CARE TODAY association. You too can support the association today with your chosen amount: click here.