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Avril 2024 - Parution dans

Avril 2024 - Parution dans

Unveiling Ad CAELIA: Claire Andréewitch’s Pledge to Holistic Beauty

"Claire Andréewitch's Ad CAELIA Skincare embodies a revolutionary approach to beauty, marrying Scandinavian purity with French elegance to redefine holistic skincare. Drawing from her naturopathic expertise, Claire champions treatments that address the root causes of skin concerns, advocating for lasting health over temporary fixes.
Ad CAELIA, inspired by the Swedish nature where Claire grew up and underscored by a commitment to environmental stewardship, stands as a testament to authentic, sustainable beauty. Through its flagship product, Sparkle of Joy, and a comprehensive wellness ethos, Ad CAELIA is not just a skincare line but a movement towards embracing "beautifully aging," highlighting a future where beauty is a harmonious blend of internal wellness and external care."
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