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7 gestes essentiels pour mieux gérer son stress

7 Essential actions for better stress management

Stress is now identified as "the ailment of the century."

And for good reason: we are all affected today because the most significant stress impacting us is emotional and environmental stress. Our modern lifestyle is inherently stressful, and our current pace is unnatural for humans. Effective stress management (which can be learned!) is essential for our mental and physical well-being.

A state of chronic stress promotes the accumulation of stress hormones (cortisol), generates widespread inflammation, and accelerates cellular aging. This accumulation can manifest as a variety of problems but affects all of the body's systems. It can be digestive, cognitive, skin problems, degenerative diseases, or various psychological ailments. Today, stress is the number ONE factor in our internal and external imbalances.

We encourage you to take stress management very "seriously" and learn to let go every day. It's essential to give yourself a break to slow down, breathe, and experience real moments of relaxation daily. The good news? You don't need to take a 2-week vacation to soothe the nervous system and lower cortisol levels; indeed, daily maintenance is what's most important. If we wait all year for August to finally recover a bit, it doesn't work: the body won't "stock up on zen" in 2 weeks for the rest of the year. It's approached daily for concrete and lasting results.

Remember this simple equation: less stress = more glow.

Today, Claire Andréewitch, our founder, shares simple techniques. These are my best anti-stress tools to soothe stress and slow down premature aging during the day. We will better relax our minds and spirits for greater overall well-being. So, do yourself a favor with these relaxing practices, and try as often as possible to stay in the present moment: it's the only time that belongs to us. Give yourself a break today – even if it's just 5 minutes, it's worth its weight in gold for vitality inside & out!


Meditation is a gateway to a more serene life... a practice that can make every moment of your life brighter! Yes, because we learn to be more present every day.

Start with guided meditation: it will help you stay more centered every day to continue to stay motivated and focused on new beneficial habits, rather than remaining a prisoner of the old... Calming our mind and spirit makes us more present, open, and thus more able to integrate new "nourishing" habits for the body and mind.

There isn't ONE meditation - there are almost as many techniques as there are individuals practicing. It's important to accept from the beginning that meditation is also a journey, a process, and it's especially not about doing it right or wrong. It's a space to simply "be". A space to meet oneself and our world (internal and external) in peace and serenity.

It's important to approach meditation with a free and available spirit. Let's try to clear our beliefs and expectations before each practice. When you are fully open to sensations and feelings, you will better enjoy your meditation.

Self-Care: Reconnecting with Yourself

We often observe that the worse people feel, the more they mistreat themselves (by isolating, neglecting, eating poorly, etc.), and the more they mistreat themselves, the worse they feel. It's a vicious cycle. Doing beneficial things when feeling bad isn't easy, but at those moments, it's crucial: The goal isn't to make oneself "happy" and resist our pain at all costs, but to prevent the malaise from deepening and settling in.

Invest in yourself! Your body and mind will be around for a long time, but a new fashion accessory won't... so instead of buying another handbag this month, offer yourself "real" well-being. Taking care of oneself is essential – every day we can find a beneficial activity for ourselves. For example, create a relaxing beauty routine, take a bath, get massaged, or practice self-massage with an oil that you love. Beauty routines are also an opportunity to give oneself precious time alone, with revitalizing gestures. Indeed, it's a real practice of reconnecting to oneself: the sensory is extraordinary for better knowing and appreciating oneself and returning to the present moment.

Mantras: Daily Affirmations

Never forget that we are responsible for our reality. The internal messages and words we use influence us from morning to night, day after day, hence the importance of positive thinking. These affirmations gradually recondition the brain and mind to function and feel things differently.

Practice aloud and silently during chosen moments and then as often as possible. Display written affirmations in front of you at home, in the office, on your phone, computer, wallet – make the exercise very concrete and "unmissable" to integrate it into everyday life. It needs to become a (natural) part of you.

Repetition is the key to any advancement, and the brain needs to visualize intentions and positive messages to change direction. Little by little, you create a new and more beautiful daily life for yourself.

Keep mantras close to you every day, look at them, repeat them silently, practice them!


Gratitude is a powerful tool towards more serenity and fulfillment. Every time we feel gratitude, there's a release of well-being hormones: endorphins and oxytocin (hormones of happiness and love). These contribute to the rebalancing of the autonomic nervous system = a decrease in stress and anxiety levels. Even (and especially!) when going through a rough patch, practice gratitude.

  • Say thank you as often as possible – appreciate what you HAVE
  • Be present to observe today's gifts
  • Write lists to make it concrete
  • Display and consult these lists regularly

Diaphragmatic Breathing

I often talk about it, breathing is life! I love this method because in any situation we have the opportunity to directly influence our state of stress simply by regulating our breathing.

In a state of stress, breathing will be erratic and shallow, while in a state of calm, it will be deep and longer. This means we have the ability to directly influence our state of stress by focusing on our breathing and regulating how we breathe.


I'm a fan of these smart plants, capable of increasing the body's resistance to a variety of external agents, physical and/or chemical. They thus help reduce the physiological impact of stress. Here are some examples known for their soothing action on the body:

  • Panax ginseng (Asian ginseng)
  • Rhodiola
  • Ashwagandha
  • Suma (Brazilian ginseng)
  • Griffonia
  • Schisandra

Music Therapy

I practice it all the time, depending on whether I want a boost in the morning, for example, or if I need zenitude during the day or evening…

To soothe oneself, choose calm music, with a calm rhythm and that

you love! Listen whenever you want to influence your state of mind and nervous system: why not during transport, or other stress-triggering moments. A simple melody can give us a smile and soothe, for a few moments, all our daily troubles.

Beyond these specific techniques: make your life a continuous "meditation" exercise! Mindfulness is the most effective and "simple" way to combat stress and anxiety states, to see things more clearly and thus make better decisions, be more in harmony with yourself and your loved ones. All this will allow you to better enjoy your life and be happier day after day. Stay mindful…

Identifying and understanding your triggers allows you to better avoid them afterward. In the beginning, like with any new habit or way of acting, it requires a bit more effort. But after a few weeks of conscious practice, it will become more natural and even a reflex. A new beneficial daily reflex.

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