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La soie : un soin beauté durable pour les cheveux et la peau

Silk: A sustainable beauty treatment for hair and skin

The silk pillowcase has many beauty virtues for the skin and hair, providing a truly pleasant sensation when lying down at night... Sleeping on silk becomes a real beauty routine, which Claire Andréewitch, our founder, discovered a few years ago.

It's proven, the silk pillowcase is beneficial for revealing the radiance of our hair and complexion. Today, Claire shares with you the benefits of this material and the characteristics that make it preferable to cotton.

How can silk benefit us in our daily lives?

Silk is a hypoallergenic and antibacterial material. It will therefore limit skin problems such as acne.

It is also much softer than cotton. This softness helps to limit friction on the very sensitive skin of our face and neck. It is recommended for people who have redness and rosacea. Unlike cotton, silk does not absorb our hydrolipidic film and it does not absorb our creams that we apply before going to bed. This property, therefore, has two effects.

The first is that our skin maintains its hydration better, and the second is that our creams have more effect. Very quickly, positive improvements will appear on our skin and hair. Silk thus presents itself as a true beauty investment, as a quality silk pillowcase easily lasts 5 years. This can even significantly reduce our beauty budget by limiting the use of cream for the skin and hair.

The benefits of sleeping on a silk pillowcase:

Healthy hair

In the "return to natural" perspective, the silk case plays a crucial role in naturally preserving hair. Its softness and the presence of amino acids limit split ends and prevent dehydration of the fiber. After only a few nights, one feels that the hair is less fussy upon waking and is shinier. The hair is also less tangled in the morning, therefore less damaged in the medium term.

Brighter skin

The hydrophobic property of silk helps limit nocturnal dehydration. With a cotton case, the skin can feel tight in the morning and our creams are quickly absorbed. Indeed, cotton is well known for absorbing water. Silk, on the contrary, repels any substance containing water. It would even be possible to sleep with a mask on the face without it leaving a mark on the silk pillowcase (while the cotton case would be stained).

Moreover, the fact that silk is 43% softer than cotton allows the skin to truly rest during the night. A period during which our metabolism regenerates the most.

Better quality sleep

A silk pillowcase limits allergies and is also thermoregulatory. Sleep is significantly improved because we remain at the right temperature all night and the pleasant sensation of silk allows us to sleep very comfortably.

Keeps our hairstyles and blowouts

Silk is a natural material that does not aggress our hair. It allows the hair and thus our hairstyles to glide smoothly. It is demonstrated in many before/after photos that blowouts hold much better upon waking.

A material that lasts over time

Silk is much stronger than one might think. It is possible to keep a silk case for more than 5 years by washing it on a delicate cycle. It is therefore interesting to combine the silk pillowcase with our beauty routine.

No more pillow marks

Thanks to the softness and thickness of the silk, the skin is not wrinkled in contact with the pillow. There's no longer a risk of ending up with the mark of the pillow's creases on the face. Personally, I can't do without it for a softer night, and even if it's a small investment at the beginning, this purchase should be considered as a real beneficial beauty gesture, which will accompany us in the long term.

And in terms of product selection, always prefer to use brands with an ethical stance.

And you? Have you ever tried it? Do you like sleeping with silk?

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